“Kick Off Your Boots, Pour Yourself a cup of Java & Jack and Get Yourself Ready for 3 FREE Downloads from One of the Most Refreshingly New Country-Bluesy Rock-n-Folk Artists in a Very Very Long While…”


Debut Album

And NOW you can download 3 of his hit singles for free!
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And if you like the sultuous haunting sounds of the harmonica, listen to Johnny Derek’s version of “Long May You Run” written by Mr. Neil Young & Mr. Stephen Stills!

“Long May You Run”

And as always . . . thank you for your love, kindness and support, thoughts and prayers!

And how bout what others are saying about Johnny Derek!

  Johnny Derek is a natural entertainer, and an excellent singer – whether he’s interpreting classic material or performing his own well-crafted songs!!

Andrew Smith, Music Producer/Singer/Songwriter, Kelowna, B.C.

I could listen to Johnny all day long!
Debbie T.  –  Kelowna, B.C.

 Johnny sounds better than most of the headliners I get in here!
Doug Roper, Manager – Phoenix Theater, Fort Nelson, B.C.

As no one in particular mentioned recently, Johnny has found his calling as the greatest NEW singer/songwriter that this great country of ours has heard in a long while! Johnny’s travels along his life’s road from the RAINY RIVER country of Ontario to the west coast of B.C., Johnny’s songs tell of his tumultuously tormented heart in it’s entirety!! Pains & Passions Man!!   Johnny just puts his heart, soul and guts into his singing and songwriting!!     Anyone who knows Johnny will tell you that mostly he’s full of shite! But that’s what makes him such a good story teller!! And his songs reflect that too . . . for instance his latest song entitled,  “If I Knew A Song That Really Sucked I’d Sing That Song For You!!” Written essentially about (of all things) ‘misunderstandings’! Hilarious!!!

In short, if you are a fan of legendary singer songwriters such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Elton John, and Don McLean and others like them, Johnny Derek is a must have for your collection.  

His songs, lyrics and music have captured the attention of no one in particular until now, . . . YOU!! 🙂 .


When asked recently by the “Ninkumpoop News” about his status as a musician he replied, “I’ll never be known as a great guitarist, and John Sebastion and/or Paul Butterfield are never gonna ask me for advice when it comes to playing the harmonica but . . . I DO love to sing!!”

For a limited time Johnny is giving away three bonus tracks from his Debut Album, RAINY RIVER ROAD! Just enter your name and email address in the right hand side of this site and you will be immediately sent the download link to the free tracks.

So enter your name and email address now, load up your ipod, and hit the road. Because as the legendary singer/songwriter Elton John never mentioned once, in regards to Johnny’s music!   And in fact, Elton John hasn’t even heard it yet! But trust me, . . . “It’s good music to listen to”.

Thanks! JD